6 Awesome Tips to Choose Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Top 5 Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore


Generally, people choose packers and movers randomly to save their money and time. But that’s not right. For safe and happy moving you need to follow some important tips. Because the packers and movers industry are not organized in India, so you can be cheated if you do not find the reliable one for your shifting.

Are you planning to shift your house or office? that’s great you are going to a new location, new home.cool Excellent!! But your relocation experience depends on your moving company. If you hire a professional, reliable and best mover and packer in Bangalore your happiness at your new home can be double. Thus there is a big role in moving company in your shifting experience. So hire a company on which you can trust easily.


6 Tips to Choose Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore

I know it can take a lot of time searching for the best movers and packers in Bangalore if you do not know more about this industry. It can be more tricky if you never shifted earlier and your friends, relatives, and neighbor can not suggest you a better option. In this situation, you have to do everything yourself whatever will be needed in the process of your transportation. But you can hire the best and reliable one if you follow below tips:


If you are in hurry you can not easily hire the best logistic, cargo, courier or movers packers company for your shifting. That is why you must plan at least before 2 months so that you can search a better option to make your moving happy.

If you have sufficient time you will complete each task properly. As there is much work come in mind at the busy schedule. So pre-planning will be helpful to complete your every work accordingly. Why timing is required while shifting:

1. To make a list of your household articles.
2. To search packers and movers
3. To inform your friends, family, and relatives about your relocation.
4. To make ready your new home.
5. To apply for leave in your office.
6. To inform in your kid’s school.


Until you do not conform to your family, there will be several doubts about your shifting. Therefore you can not clearly discuss with a moving company for your shifting if there is any lack in your shifting requirement. That is why you must discuss with your family and make a perfect moving plan. Ask and get the following questions answers from your family:

1. What are the goods which you will leave at your current home?
2. Ask if there is an item at your home to sell or donate.
3. What services are required for your relocation?
4. What type of vehicle you needed separate or sharing.
5. Packing Date etc.

Clearing these all things will help you to make your move easy and simple. So clearing everything is good to avoid each type of difficulty while the discussion with packers and movers Bangalore.


Choosing the cheapest is not a good choice always. And it is never a good thought for movers packers Bangalore because you can lose your valuable goods if you select the cheapest one. There are some packers and movers companies who are offering their services at the cheapest rate. But these types of agencies can be levied you an extra or hidden amount after collecting your goods.

You can get damaged your goods or can face theft or other issues with a cheapest moving company. That is why people want to hire companies which are not only well known but also famous for whole India like Agarwal, Leo, Gati, VRL, Kuber, Sahara, Sainik, Pikkol etc. Small moving companies do not have their owned vehicles, do not have professional staff and also do not have the office and actual company papers. That is the only thing they cheat with people.

So there are many disadvantages to hiring the cheapest one:

1. Items damaging issue.
2. Late delivery of your goods.
3. They do not have own vehicle.
4. Lack of experience and uneducated staff.
5. They do not have original company papers etc.

Note: So, beware of frauds and hire professional one.


Many people do not know about evergreen portals in India from where aware citizen hire best and reliable packers and movers in Bangalore. That is why they simply search on Google and hire a company which is looking on the front page of Google. But this way is not correct, in this condition you waste your time and money too.

If you go on a popular portal you can compare charges with 3-4 best moving companies and can check reviews and documents of packers and movers easily. Hence if you want to get these above benefits you can log on to following portals:


Never believe in any company, as each packer and movers says that they have professional staff, many branches, and everything. But that’s not right. To know actual fact you need to verify on your behalf. But how can you check them? is there any idea to check a moving packing company properly?

There are many things on behalf of them you can check a moving company is reliable or not. Read followings and verify accordingly:

1. Visit Office
2. Talk to staff, it should be professional, skilled and educated.
3. Office in your city
4. Check firm papers, all the documents must be original like GST Certificate, Pan Card, Registration Certificate etc.
5. Read feedbacks of previous clients, reviews you can check on Mouthshut.com, Onlytop.in, Sulekha and Justdial.

You can also verify all the details like documents and reviews on onlytop.in.


Some packers movers in Bangalore can do wrong commitments. They can also give you a duplicate copy of the bill. That is why never trust discussion. Take everything in writing when you are ready to book a company.

You can take a written agreement from your moving company. It must have all the actual details about moving assignment including your liabilities and rights, responsibilities and commitments of movers packers, important phone numbers, quotation details, pickup, and delivery date and time etc. And you must keep it with you until the completion of your relocation.

Why everything in writing is important:

1. You cannot be cheated by packers and movers.
2. You can save your money because they can not ask you to pay any hidden or extra amount etc.

Other Hacks to Select Best Packers Movers in Bangalore

Choosing packers movers Bangalore is not too easy. You need to consume more time and money for the same, then also you can not say you have chosen a reliable and safe service provider. Because until your shifting not done there is lots of headache in your mind regarding the timely delivery, safety and security of your goods etc.

So, people clear everything with a packer movers company as much as they can. So that they can get their goods in the same condition as they have handled to packers movers. But you just be coolcool! we are here to help valuable people like You 🙂 keep in mind following hacks while choosing a company.


Compare Charges: Comparing prices will help you to give an idea about the best rates. You can see a big difference in the rates of packers and movers. So if you compare rates with almost 3-4 logistic companies. You can easily select the best one according to your budget.

OnlyTop.in give you a chance of comparing rates with more than 2 companies. So it is easy to get the best rates from top moving companies. And following this way you do not only save your money but time also, as there is no need to search numerous websites or portals.

Take Care Your Valuables: Nobody advises you to move your important and valuable documents, jewelry, checkbooks through packers movers. You must take them along with you and bring in your personal bag or suitcase. Your work can be hampered if you give your important papers to moving company. And if there is any delay, accident or breakdown you can also miss your docs. So be cautious about your valuables and keep them with you.

Warehouse Facility: Pick a mover packer who provide a warehouse or storage facility too. This assistance will help you if your new home is not ready to shift your belongings into it because of any sudden reason.

Hence, think before the dealing and ask mover if they provide this type of facility in your new location or nearby that. So that you can keep your households in their warehouse for some time until your new home gets ready to live. 

Ontime Delivery: Each professional moving company plans and execute every relocation assignment diligently to assure on-time delivery. Ensure that you will be personally present at your new home at the time of delivery so that you can check your goods are good condition or not.

Benefits of Hiring Best And Reliable Packers and Movers in Banglore

It may there is no need to tell about the advantages of hiring truthful and the best moving company. Then also I just want to tell some important benefits, after knowing them you will only choose best and reliable. At the time of shopping, you may see several varieties of dresses. But charges are according to the quality. And the same thing applies to packers movers companies.

There are many logistics and transport companies are working in Banglore but all are not same. You will get different-different quotes from all according to their service quality.  You may be happy to hire a service provider at the cheapest rate but it may be harmful to the security and safety of your valuables.

Consequently, hire the best one as they offer various benefits with their assistance:

1. Professional and Skilled Team: Truthful moving companies shift your belongings with the help of the trained and professional staff. They have good experience in packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking etc. They use great ways to pack and shift your belongings carefully.

2. Safe Packing and Moving: There is no need to worry about the security and safety of your articles if you hire a professional moving company. Because they use highly protected and quality packing materials to pack your goods and use the modern truck to move your belongings secure.

3. Timely Delivery: The most and important advantage of best and reliable packers and movers is on-time shifting. They know how and which time your goods can be shifted, so they give accurate time to deliver your stuff at your new doorstep.

4. Best Price: A reliable mover does not only save your time but also money. They offer the best rates and also do not ask for any type of extra amount except the bill. That is why hiring a trustworthy packing moving company is required for everybody who wants to transfer the house or office.

5. All services: Professional packers movers Bangalore provide all the shifting solutions. There is no need to go to another company for different-different services. You will get all the solutions from a single mover. Best movers and packers provide following services:

  • Packing and moving
  • Loading and unloading
  • Unpacking
  • House shifting
  • Office relocation
  • Local, domestic and international shifting
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Pet and plants moving
  • Storage and warehousing etc.

So, be happy and hire a company on that you can totally trust. Do not choose randomly. Have a happy moving dude!! embarassed

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